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The challenge with effectively running a business is linked oftentimes to your objectives as a business owner and where you want to steer your business to. Sometimes, you have all the ideas in mind but realizing it is harder than you've initially thought or maybe you are just in dire need of some fresh, out of the box solutions and talents to deal with some of the most pressing business issues nowadays.

With OnPoint Prospecting Inc experience in the staffing and consulting space, we were able to help both clients and prospects with their needs to match business endeavors with the right solutions.

  • Staffing and Recruiting
  • Executive Search
  • Offshore Manpower
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Business consulting
  • Management consulting
  • Cost reduction
  • Business coaching

Staffing and Consulting :


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OnPoint Prospecting Inc is a fast-growing BPO firm based in the Philippines that offers no-frills B2B Data, lead generation, and appointment setting solutions to clients across major industries in North America and other English speaking countries around the world.

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