Data Profiling

Data is as precious as gold nowadays so we are heavily investing to perfect our database. Our in-house profilers are skilled to check the accuracy of the leads which include details such as:

Company Name
Company Address
Contact Person
Job Title
Direct Email
Phone Number
Employee Size
Annual Revenue

These details though are suseptible to changes so we see to it that every contact in our database is updated periodically.

We can align our profiling capability depending on your data needs. Additional criteria that entail profiling through calling can also be negotiated.
Our Data verification process includes verifying of phone numbers, email testing and multi-site online verification.

Lead Generation

The fuel to every business operation. Regardless of the methodology, looking for potential prospects plays a crucial role in the overall growth of a company.

OnPoint Prospecting understands the need to move from the conventional way of generating leads; that is why we devise a solution that fits the environment business owners are in nowadays.

Our lead generation process involves meticulous selection of contacts to prospect, essential qualifiers to follow and accuracy in information gathering. With these in place, clients are assured that no bad leads are going through their pipeline.

Appointment Setting

Targeted Calling

That’s how we brand our phone initiative. Calling the right prospects at the most perfect time is a more effective, less intrusive kind of approach. The goal of every call is not to sell but to accentuate the value of the services/products that we represent.

Email Marketing

A well managed email marketing campaign with the objective of connecting with your target audience by highlighting the services/products that you provide. We do away with the usual marketing contents which often than not end up on your prospects’ junk folder instead on their Inbox. Contents and Subject lines are well-thought of and are reviewed to fit your service/product offering and targets whithout the need to be spammy or lackluster in thoughts.

Social Media Marketing

With Linkedin as the primary platform of choice, reaching out to your target decision makers has never been this easy. From targeting C-suite decision makers of some of the largest companies in the world to connecting to local business owners, this social media marketing approach complemented well with other marketing initiatives that we use.